Exploring Clumber Park 

We are just back from a National Trust Working Holiday at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire (With limited phone/ internet coverage-sorry for the late blogs!). It’s the perfect way to spend the last few days of this year’s 30dayswild, as we spent the week wildlife surveying! 

We arrived at Clumber on Monday and before the working holiday started in the afternoon we took the opportunity to explore the Park. 

It’s a fantastic 3800 acre estate of woods, heaths, grasslands, wetlands and lakes. 

Light rippled over the surface of the water, an ever changing patchwork of reflections and glimmers. 

The lake thronged with water birds, a cacophony of trumpets and calls as young birds and parents sought each other. High pitched peeping, a young coot lost, peace restored as it was reunited. 

Wonderful trees dot the landscape, the patterns in their bark and the towering limbs beautifully expressive. 

Walking around the Lake there was so much to see, this beautiful SSSI is teeming with life from butterflies, bees and other insects in the woods and fields around the water to the birds, damselflies ahd dragonflies on the water. Swallows, swifts and house martins swooped and soared, skimming the surface. We kept a gentle pace, stopping frequently to take in the beauty of the life around us. 


Heading away from the lake we walked along part of the lime tree avenue, at 2 miles, the longest double avenue of limes in Europe. Between the rows of trees, cool and shady the scent of linden blossom filled the air, sweet and heady, soporific in the warmth of the afternoon. A verdant tree tunnel to delight the senses, diffuse light and dappled shade. 

We had one final place to explore that afternoon, the walled garden. Bright, colourful and full of life. The flowers really were a delight, pops of hot colour along the sunny border in front of the glasshouses, vivid blues, cool whites, purples and greens, fruit bursting forth, bees buzzing, seed heads forming, so much to see, a calm and peaceful place to spend time. 

Later that evening, light fading from the day, we walked through the park to the ornamental bridge where we watched bats over the water and between the trees, noctules, pipistrelles and brown long eared bats. A wonderfully wild day! 

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