Solstice celebrations 

The longest day of the year, and the hottest June day in my lifetime, the hottest June day since 1976! With the temperature reaching 34 degrees centigrade, if definitely felt hot! Perfect weather for a relaxing evening in the garden and time to try the Elderflower champagne I made earlier in the month. 

In the early evening I collected lavender from the garden and made shortbread biscuits, floral and delicious. I rolled Beeswax sheets into candles and the stage was set for our celebration. 

Sunset this evening was stunning, a sky full of jellyfish clouds, streaks of gold, pink undertones, fading into a fiery orange as the sun dropped from the sky. 

The champagne was delicious, a sparkly taste of summer in a glass. As the candles burnt down and we chatted we had two exciting visitors, making this a perfect evening! 

A hummingbird hawk moth hovered, checking out the flowers, so fast that it’s wings appeared only as a blur. 

Later a mystery insect, one we’ve been seeing high over the garden and above the tree tops dropped in to see us, a cockchafer, antenna unfurled, briefly stopping so I could see them, too fast to photograph before they were off again. The icing on the cake of a lovely evening. 

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