Minibeast hunting

It’s so hot! I’m swapping between loving the sunshine and feeling completely exhausted by it. In this weather I don’t want to do much after work so I spent most of the evening in the garden.

Once I started to focus there was so much to see. I have a little macro lens for my phone, an I phone 7, and with this I was able to capture a different view of life in the garden. These beautiful flies were resting on the lavender. I love how amazing their eyes are. 

This iridescent rosemary beetle caught my eye, a shimmering jewel of an insect, climbing speedily through the green stems of the lavender.

Almost every plant had a resident ladybird larvae or pupae, new ladybirds waiting to emerge.

The detail of floral blooms was entrancing, the small details catching the eye, stamens reaching towards the sky, petals curling over, colour and shadow, appreciating the beauty of what was around me.

Centaurea scabiosa (greater knapweed)
Orange hawkweed or fox and cubs
Everlasting sweet pea (Lathyrus latifolius)
Everlasting sweet pea (Lathyrus latifolius)

I lay back in the grass, enjoying such a beautiful day, drifts of clouds in the sky, but still hot, the sun still beating down, cooler here in the shade of the honeysuckle, sweet scent drifting around me. I switched to a fish eye lens to capture the scene around me. It feels like the long hot summer days of childhood at the moment, hours of sunshine even once I’ve finished work for the day.

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