Crafts inspired by the wild 

I was unwell overnight so today has been one of rest and recuperation. My garden, as ever, has provided peace and sanctuary. 

Wanting to do something calm today I reached for my craft stash. I pulled out wild themed trinkets and made jewellery, that I can wear for the rest of the month. 

An owl pendant
Leaf earrings
Foxy earrings

My final craft is a little damselfly sun catcher, loosely based on the demoiselles we saw earlier in the month. It’s hung in the garden now, the beads glowing in the sun. 

We’re halfway through 30dayswild now and I’m loving every wild moment, there are so many interesting things being shared on Facebook, instagram and twitter, amazing blogs to read, check them all out here, so much inspiration! 

The sky this evening was joyful, rent with angel feathers, beautiful and awe inspiring, the perfect end to a day 

3 thoughts on “Crafts inspired by the wild 

  1. I love your damselfly sun catcher! I can imagine it flitting about in the breeze 😀
    Also, thank you for sharing the list of #30dayswild bloggers – I hadn’t come across it before, so have just spent the last hour lost in wonderful blogs!

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