Adding to our wild larder: making Elderflower Champagne

The elderflower season is still in full swing, so I took the opportunity to add to my wild larder with some elderflower champagne making. This is the first time I’ve tried this, so I looked online at various recipes, some requiring complicated sounding equipment, and came up with my own version:

Elderflower champagne

I did not use any complicated equipment for this recipe. My fermenting buckets were two green plastic buckets bought from Poundland, and being unable to find where I put the muslin after I washed it from making elderflower cordial, clean tea towels were put to use. 

I bought bottled water for the first time in a year, since ditching this environmentally harmful habit, in order to use the plastic bottles for the champagne and rather than siphoning the champagne from bucket to bottle, I carefully decanted it with a jug and funnel. 

The bottles are fermenting, getting firmer each day, so it seems to have worked OK. The plan is to try our wild fizz to celebrate the summer solstice. I hope it tastes as good as it smells! 

Here is my champagne making in progress:

Elderflower champagne ingredients mixed together and ready to ferment
Carefully covered with a clean tea towel
Second bucket ready to strain the mixture
Elderflowers and lemon strained out of the fermenting champagne

Bottling the champagne
What do you have in your wild larder? Any great wild recipes I should try?

7 thoughts on “Adding to our wild larder: making Elderflower Champagne

  1. I’ve made elderflower cordial several years. Once tried elderflower champagne but let in my shed too long in the warm and it explodes out of the plastic bottles. Messy!
    I once used elderberries in a recipe called elder rob, a sort of syrupy thick tincture for sore throats – quite good actually.

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