Moments of wildness in a graveyard

Election day and I was working as a poll clerk, not an easy day to fit in a random act of wildness, as I was stuck inside the polling station from 6.15am until after the polls closed at 10pm. I knew that it would be really important to have just a little bit of time outside on such a busy day to stay calm and grounded. The polling station I was working in was in a parish hall next to a church, with a graveyard, the perfect opportunity for a little wild time. I like to hang around in graveyards, there is almost always something interesting to see, whether it’s a beautiful old yew tree, lichen on a gravestone or wildflowers blooming in between the graves.

I arrived at the polling station early and, keep cup full of coffee in hand, wandered between the stones, enjoying the fresh air and early morning light.

An avenue of Yew Trees, a narrow path leading between them, cool and still, dark green needles swallowing the light filtering through from the still weak morning sun.

Red fringed sorrel seeds caught the light, their translucent beauty sparkling like natural sequins, waving between the old stones. Lower down bright red clover’s intricate flower heads, a tight packed mass of tubes, each full of sweet nectar, waiting for the day’s bees to get to work.

Grass heads waved in the breeze, interspersed with cheerful ox eye daisies, their bright yellow centres a miniature galaxy of pollen pinheads.

I may not have spent long in the graveyard, all too soon I had to make my way inside, but just those few minutes of time with nature, focusing on the small details of life, taking in deep breaths of fresh morning air, set me up for the day, and drove the sleepiness from my early morning, not yet quite awake brain.

Much, much later on, polling finished and results coming in, at 3.30 the next morning, pushing myself away from the politics on the TV I stepped outside and marvelled at the bright full strawberry moon rising in the sky, nature’s brilliance soothing my tired, overactive mind.

5 thoughts on “Moments of wildness in a graveyard

  1. I love exploring graveyards looking for all the nature that often hides away in them! I also sought out nature to relax myself during a stressful polling day and the election results day!

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