Sunday Sevens May 7th 2017

I’ve not blogged in a little while, but have lots to share! Over the last month I’ve prepared for and then spent a wonderful two and a bit weeks away exploring Scotland. Lots more on that to come, once I’ve sorted all the pictures. 

I’ve had a horrible cold this week, so weekdays involved only sleeping, working and feeling a bit sorry for myself. 

But, there have been some real highlights to the week. Here’s how it’s gone.

This week has been Hedgehog Awareness Week. We are really lucky to have hedgehogs visiting our garden. They access it under our back gate, and there are plenty of shrubs and bushes for them to grub around under searching for insects. 

While we were away we’d had our pet visitor/ carer put out water and food for the hedgehogs, which we were glad of as it’s been really dry. This week we’ve noticed we now have two hedgehogs, who have been happy to feed just outside our back door. I am so happy to have them in the garden. 

The garden itself has gone mad while we were away, the honeysuckle has grown to monster proportions, and smells amazing in the evening. Fresh leaves have emerged everywhere and new flowers have bloomed every time I take a wander. Here’s just some of what’s making me smile. 

This last month I also took part in the #notetospring swap organised by Notes to the Moon. This Wednesday evening when I was feeling particularly grotty and sorry for myself, being full of snot, I arrived home to find not one, but two, little packages, from my lovely swap partner. Inside one I found a pretty mug stuffed full of chocolate Easter eggs and a Lindt bunny. The other contained two wrapped packages, out of one popped a gorgeous knitted daffodil, which I’ve put into my car to make me smile. The other package was a personalised Spring activity book, Naomi’s Little Book of Lovely Springtime Ideas packed full of copies of recipes, craft ideas, and inspiration. It is lovely! I was so excited to receive my packages. 

Yesterday we headed for Sussex, to visit the Knepp Wildland Safaris to hear nightingales sing, more on that to come! During the day we visited the beautiful Cissbury Ring, the third biggest Iron Age hill fort in England. We walked away from the Ring to start our walk, down through the valley and then back up to gain the high ground of the fort and the amazing views down to Worthing on the south coast. 

Starting our walk along clear chalk tracks
The view along the ramparts at Cissbury Ring
Along the way our eyes were drawn to a myriad of blooming plants, jewel like flowers nestled among the grasses and fresh green leaves. As we approached the base of the slope a whole swathe of early purple orchids stopped us in our tracks, their beautiful bright flower spikes a real treat for the eye. 

After initial aloofness our pets seem glad to have us home. Today our rabbits, Toni, the grey mini lop and Cornelius, the Belgian hare, enjoyed some time in the sunny garden. 

Today was International Dawn Chorus Day, while I didn’t get up to enjoy the dawn chorus after getting home late last night, I have spent most of today listening to the fantastic dawn chorus programme from Radio 4, that was broadcast from 12.30am this morning until around 6.30am, from Ham Wall in Somerset and linking to broadcasters across Europe and in India, particularly linking with RTE in Ireland who have been broadcasting a similar programme for the last twenty years. Spellbinding listening! 

You can hear it here and I recommend a listen. 

So, that’s my week in brief. Thanks to Nat at  Threads and Bobbins for the Sunday Sevens idea! 

5 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens May 7th 2017

  1. Nice to see you back blogging. As always I am totally in love with your gorgeus pets.:) The flowers in your garden look beautiful and how lovely to have hedgehog visitors. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks Christine, just had so much to do over the last month and then a wonderful trip away that I haven’t had chance to share what we’ve been up to! I’m looking forward to getting back to it. Feel really lucky to have hedgehogs, it was such a surprise when we first saw one.

      Liked by 1 person

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