Revelling in glorious spring sunshine 

There have been some beautiful, warm spring days over this last week. The sun has been warm on my back, no need for a coat or even a cardigan, I can walk at lunchtime in just a dress. 

Gardens I walk past are suddenly full of colour, there’s something new to see every day. Pink splashes against the cerulean sky as furry magnolia buds open into delicate flowers. White blossom blowing like snow along the footpath, celandines wide open in the sunshine and closed on dull days, sun worshippers unwilling to show their faces in the gloom. 

This time of year is wonderful, I feel glad to be alive. There is nothing better than the first warm day of the year, bees buzzing, the sun on my face, blossom above me, birds singing loud and clear. It’s amazing what you can see in just an hour outside, and how much more in tune I feel with the changing seasons from a small break every day. 

Here are my favourite views from my lunchtime walks close to work over the last week. 

Has Spring arrived where you are? What’s your favourite sign of spring? 

2 thoughts on “Revelling in glorious spring sunshine 

  1. I love spring too! A sunny day with birds calling and colourful flowers all around does make the soul soar. I am waiting for my star magnolia for flower, there are lots of buds on it so hope it is awash with flowers soon. 🙂 Lovely post! x

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