Sunday Sevens March 12th 2017

It’s been a changeable week, one day sunny, the next grey and cooler. It’s definitely begun to feel like spring is here. On a walk on Thursday lunchtime, I saw my first brimstone and small tortoiseshell butterflies of the year. My heart lifted to see them flutter by. 

The lighter days and longer evenings have given me the chance to walk after work, grabbing the last hour of daylight and making the most of it. 

I’ve discovered a new walking spot on the way home from work. Larks Hill is part of The Cut Countryside Corridor. I can walk around Larks Hill then along the cut, around Piggy Wood, then down to walk a circuit of Garth Meadows. It’s about a three mile walk adding extra miles to my walk1000miles challenge. It’s a lovely time of day to be outside, watching the sunset, listening to the dusk chorus soaring, taking in the scent of the blackthorn blossom and fresh spring grass. The sunsets have been pretty amazing this week! At this time of year even on a sunny day dew stays all day on the blossom in sheltered spots. Yesterday I spent the day volunteering with London West Middlesex National Trust Volunteers. We were working on Headley Heath in Surrey, removing invasive buddleia from a steep chalk grassland slope. After a misty start it was a beautiful day, hot work out in the full sunshine. 

Some of the Volunteers enjoyed trying out tree poppers to pull the buddleia up by the roots. Here’s what we’d removed by morning tea break. It definitely looked different by the time we were finished. As the weather is improving my thoughts have been turning to gardening. I’ve started adding some new plants into gaps in the garden, to make sure there is plenty for pollinators. Already in the garden the heather is flowering, as well as lots of bulbs. These are what I planted yesterday. 

I also received some tree seeds from the Woodland Trust, all native species: rowan, holly, dog rose and alder buckthorn. I’ve planted them up and am excited to see what grows. We’ll see if any can fit in our garden, share them with friends or maybe even plant them on our hoped for allotment when we eventually come to the top of the waiting list. 

The birds in our garden are also noticing the change in the seasons. Our pair of blue tits have had their eyes on the nest box for weeks now, popping in and out. I’ve put out some nesting material for them, sheeps wool for now, to have threads left from craft projects and alpaca wool added when I dig them out of my stash. 

I signed up for Lettermo in February, to send post every day and reply to every letter I received. I didn’t manage to send post every day, falling off towards the end of the month, but I did send a lot more post than usual. It’s definitely got me back into postcrossing and I’ve been looking back at some of the lovely cards that have popped through the letterbox over the last month during this week. Here’s some of the post I sent and received. 

Thanks to Natalie for setting up Sunday Sevens. 

Hope you’ve had a good week too! 

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens March 12th 2017

  1. Sounds like a perfect week! I am intrigued about the tree seeds and wonder which ones will take? I too am enjoying the lighter mornings and evenings. It’s so lovely to have our evening meal in sunlight 🙂 I must put some hair of Artie’s (cat) and mine out for the birds. We have seen a pair of Blues and Great Tits, a Dunnock and his lady friend and lots of Goldfinches. Fingers crossed for a warm summer and lots of fledglings. 🙂

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    1. I’m wondering if the birds would like rabbit fur? Toni the bunny is moulting and we have it in abundance!

      Last year we had great tits nesting had watched them fledge so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the blue tits.

      I’ll update on my trees once they’ve grown a bit, hope they will survive.

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