February in Review

February felt like a colder, wetter, stormier month than January, but it was still a good month. 

At the beginning of the month, I wrote a “could do” list, things to add fun and joy to the month. 

I made marmalade, bittersweet and delicious on morning toast. 

I’ve loved watching flowers starting to emerge, walking regularly means I’m noticing small details change day by day, it’s really opening my eyes to each new sign of spring. 

We ate a lot of tasty pancakes, having a whole week of pancakes!

There have been lots of fresh flowers decorating our home, I love having bunches of daffodils adding a splash of cherry colour and you can’t beat half price flowers the day after Valentine’s! 

I’ve read several great books this month, Wolf Winter was my favourite. I’ve now read 18 books out of my goal of 100 for the year. 

We’ve taken lots of long walks in February, I’ve added another 68.83 miles to my #walk1000miles challenge, taking me to 153.94 miles in total since 1st January. I particularly enjoyed a long walk in the Surrey Hills, which took in the amazing view from Gibbet Hill, the second highest point in Surrey. 

I’ve spent lots of time with some of the people I love. My Mum and Dad visited for the weekend, I love having them to visit, I wish they were closer. They always cheer me up! This picture they sent me of them enjoying Burn’s Night made me laugh out loud. 

Alphabet Dating has also provided the opportunity to spend quality time with my lovely husband. In February we had four dates, a half day falconry experience for F, ate delicious Japanese food for Jhad an interesting visit to the Museum of English Rural Life for M and a night at Kew Lates for K

During the month I also took part in the Climate Coalition’s campaign to #showthelove for nature threatened by climate change. I made hearts to give to people, a heart badge which I wore on Valentine’s Day and heart treats to share. On Valentine’s I shared things about the campaign on twitter and Facebook and we filled in hearts with all the reasons we value trees to send to the Woodland Trust for their tree charter. 

I’ve been adding to #my200birdyear, albeit slowly. This month I’ve seen skylarks parachuting over fields, fieldfare grazing, greenwoodpecker in dipping flight, red legged partridge skulking on a field edge, a sparrowhawk and mistle thrush which reminded me that I had also seen song thrush but not added it to my list. Most exiting of all, one morning on the way to work, on my second attempt, I saw the Bracknell waxwings! I didn’t have my good camera but local wildlife photographer Dominic Mackenzie captured some shots of the waxwings later that day! At the end of February I had 82 species on my list. I was also surprised to open my first ever copy of Bird Watching magazine and find my own twitter update on the challenge inside on their letters page. 

We also had a great weekend volunteering with London West Middlesex National Trust Volunteers this month, working on Black Down, just outside Haslemere. We cleared gorse, birch and rhodi to open up the Heath, ably assisted by their gorgeous herd of belted galloways. That added 13 1/2 hours to my total, getting me closer to completing 1000 hours volunteering with LWMNTV. 

My #365project to take a photo every day and my #365dayswild are also going well, I’ve spent a lot of time outside enjoying the increasingly spring like weather. Here’s how my month went: 

And finally, I’ve been taking part in the #cwspringclean picking up litter as I walk and was pleasantly surprised to find a picture of one of my little bags of rubbish in Country Walking magazine and receive a cosy new hat for my efforts! 

How was your February? I hope you had a good month. 

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