Alphabet Dating: K is for Kew Gardens 

A couple of weeks ago now we had our “K” date at the wonderful Kew Gardens. The gardens are one of my favourite places, they are a joy to visit all year round, a real oasis of calm and beauty in West London. 

For our date, I’d bought tickets for Kew Lates, part of the Orchid Festival, this is an adult only evening event. The orchid festival is an annual event, taking place in February, the greyest month of the year, filling the princess of Wales conservatory with a kaleidoscope of colour. 

The theme for this year’s festival was India. The Kew Lates event included live Indian drumming, delicious food, a soundscape of Calcutta, henna art, a chance to try on Traditional Indian clothing and jewellery, presentations on culinary and medicinal uses of Indian plants and a chance to talk to one of Kew’s experts about orchid care. 

There was also a colouring table where a beautiful mandala pattern and an Indian scene waited to be filled with colour. I spent some happy time colouring while Phil and I chatted with the artist who had drawn the colouring pages. 

We had a really lovely, relaxed evening taking in the beautiful orchids and some of the sights and sounds of India, brought to West London. 

For our K date I also considered kite flying, kite surfing- feeling adventurous!, kayaking on the Thames or perhaps (cheating slightly!) some Krazy Golf. I’m glad we picked Kew though, I never turn down a trip to these amazing gardens. 

What would you do for a “K” date? 

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