Sunday Sevens 5th March 2017 All about the pancakes! 

This week has been all about pancakes! It was Shrove Tuesday and magazines I’d picked up had various delicious looking pancake recipes from around the world in them, so we made it a whole week of pancakes. 

On Monday I tried Korean pancakes with spring onions and prawns. The pancake was made with a mixture of cornflour and plain flour and was light and crunchy. These were really delicious, not like anything I’d tried before. 

Shrove Tuesday is always a day for pancakes. Today we tried one new recipe, along with regular pancakes with the time honoured favourite- sugar and lemons. 

The new recipe was for Indian Dosa with spicy potatoes. These pancakes used a mix of gram flour and plain flour. The graphics flour added an almost nutty flavour, a great combination with the hit of spice in the potatoes. Served with minted yoghurt, these were very tasty. 

On Wednesday we tried something different again- Mediterranean socca pancakes. These are made with gram flour and water, making them vegan. We had them topped with a drizzle of olive oil, rocket, grilled peppers (from a jar) and olives. The pancakes are very savoury- nutty, crispy and very filling. So much so that we ate only one each, so I’ve had others left to snack on, delicious popped under the grill with a little cheese sprinkled on them. 

On Thursday we ate sweet Russian Syrniki pancakes. The batter for these included cottage cheese and raspberries and they were served with raspberry jam, natural yoghurt, fresh raspberries and a sprinkle of sugar. We weren’t quite sure how these would turn out with the cottage cheese in them but they were gorgeous- sweet and delicious. 

For Saturday breakfast I made savoury pancakes with chorizo and onions. These were rolled, filled with the fried onions and sliced chorizo and baked in the oven with a sprinkling of grated cheddar cheese. They were filling, setting us up for the day and a good mix of flavours. 

Finally, today I made American style fluffy pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup- heaven on a plate! 

We’ve also walked over the weekend to burn some of the pancakes off, enjoying some slightly wild spring weather, the guinea pigs have enjoyed their first outdoor run of the year and we’re enjoying seeing the signs of Spring in abundance.

Hope you’ve had a good week too, did you celebrate Shrove Tuesday with pancakes, how do you have yours? 

Thanks to Natalie for setting up Sunday Sevens, I like sharing the little moments that make up my week.  

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