#Photoanhour February 2017

This Saturday, 18th February, was set as “photo an hour” day for February. This was a fairly ordinary Saturday for us, we didn’t have anything planned. Here’s how my day went. 

8am: my day started with coffee while watching the birds in the garden. We’re drinking a blend pack from Pact Coffee at the moment, two coffees, one from Rwanda, the other from Columbia, with complementary flavours that you blend together to make a perfect coffee. A great way to wake up. 

9am: still relaxing, finishing off my latest book, which was a good read. The post has just arrived, bringing postcards via Postcrossing from Portugal, Russia and Belarus. It always makes me smile to see cards on the mat. 

10am: an exciting parcel has just arrived. It’s a bokashi composting kit. We don’t have a food waste collection from home, this will help us compost all unwanted food. The Bokashi bran will basically pickle everything so that it ferments and can be placed in a normal compost bin or be buried in the ground. I’m interested to see how this works. 

11am: our rabbits, Toni and Cornelius, have been given the box from the delivery to play with. Bunnies love boxes so this is the highlight of their day! 

Midday: out for a walk under gloomy grey skies, through farmland close to home. 

1pm: still walking, onto field paths between hedges. We’ve walked along a disappointingly ripped up and fly tipped byway, and are glad to be out into footpaths. These are paths we’ve never trodden before, it’s good to see new places. 

2pm: the sun has come out, the jumpers have come off and it feels like we’re walking into Spring. Look at the colour of that sky! 

3pm: we’re still walking, watching horses splash through a ford and noticing spring flowers in bloom. 

4pm: we stopped for an impromptu pub lunch and are just finishing our walk. I love the colour of these red stems against the bright blue sky. We walked just under 9 miles in total, a leisurely and enjoyable walk. 

5pm: back home and Potting up plants in the garden to add a splash of colour. 

6pm: feeding time at the zoo. Toffee the guinea pig loves his herbs and greens. 

7pm: chilling out with an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air- a blast from the past! 

8pm: the hamsters are waking up and coming out to play. First out is Honey. 

9pm: treats for the rabbits! They love their treats and will come and beg or head butt you to get them. 

10pm: tucked up in bed with a new book, “The Trouble with Goats and Sheep”. A rock and roll Saturday night. 😉

Thanks to Jane and Louisa for organising photo an hour, I’m fascinated by the little insight it gives into people’s lives! 

2 thoughts on “#Photoanhour February 2017

  1. Looks a lovely day. I’ve given Postcrossings another go and finally got my first postcard so fingers crossed its the first of many. Your little menagerie is so cute. Who knew that rabbits like nosying in boxes. My cat is just the same.:)

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