#walk1000miles January update

I set myself challenges for 2017, one of which was to walk 1000 miles this year. To do this I need to walk on average 2.74 miles a day on average. 

What am I including in my challenge? 

I am including lunchtime walks, walks where I would have otherwise taken the car, walks after work, walking while volunteering in the countryside and “boots on” walks. 

During January I did a handful of “boots on” walks. We walked around the spit at Dawlish Warren on New Year’s Day, around Ham Wall Nature Reserve, a bird walk with Friends of Lavell Lakes, a around Fleet Pond, a beautiful stroll along the river to Henley and a walk around WWT London. 

I’ve had 14 lunchtime walks during the month, finding new wild spots and footpaths close to the office. 

There’s been just two evening walks, as it’s still dark when I get home from work. One was a moonlight filled stroll around our local country park, quiet, peaceful and very beautiful. The other was just as the sun was setting, my favourite time of the day. 

I had one very beautiful frosty walk to and from a meeting, something I would not have experienced but for this challenge. 

My most memorable walk this month, was a mile or so in the company of an Alpaca named Thor! 

In total I’ve walked 85.11 miles in January, which is an average of 2.75 miles a day, just above the average amount needed to walk 1000 miles this year. I’m really pleased with my progress, January is the darkest and most miserable month of the year and I’m on track, even without long, light evenings to take advantage of. 

I’m also seeing some real benefits from the challenge. 

I’m having a regular break from the office at lunchtime, which is making a big difference. I’m adding activity to generally sedentary days, which means my back is less achy from too long sitting down, I have less headaches from too long staring at a screen, and I’m feeling more productive. I didn’t realise that something as simple as a lunchtime walk would have this much impact! 

I’m also sleeping better and generally feeling more energised. I struggle with tiredness and lethargy in the grey depths of winter, getting an hour of fresh air and daylight really helps with this. 

An unexpected side effect is that I’m generally feeling healthier, my diet is better as I’m not reaching for a sugary snack mid afternoon to keep my energy levels up. 

This challenge has been 100% positive for me so far, I’ve even treated myself to a new pair of waking shoes to keep under my desk, to motivate me to get up and out each lunchtime. 

I’m looking forward to lots more walking this year. Are you taking part in the #walk1000miles challenge this year? I’d love to hear how you’re getting on! 

10 thoughts on “#walk1000miles January update

  1. You are doing amazingly well! I do tend to walk everywhere as I don’t drive …but I live ten minutes from work anyway. Even though i try and get out with the dog I still worry that I don’t walk enough! X

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    1. Thank you!

      I’d love to be able to walk to work, but it’s ten miles by road and longer by footpaths. I plan to try to walk home one Friday night in the summer.

      I bet you walk more than you think taking the lovely Hugo out for walks every day, x


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