Alphabet Dating- C is for chocolate tasting

Yesterday we had our “C” date and it was a tasty one! For this date we headed to Henley and the bustling Chocolate Theatre Cafe next to the Thames. Knowing that this date was going to be calorific, we parked in Hambleden, making the most of the sparkling winter weather with a walk along the Thames into Henley. 

We walked over the river at Hambleden Weir, watching grey and pied wagtails foraging in the still water above the raging torrent below. 

Along the river we meandered chatting and laughing, the perfect start to a date. The frosty grass crunched under our feet, the winter sun made the colours of the landscape pop and shine. 

We arrived in Henley early, giving us time to appreciate the details of the old buildings. We visited Asquith’s teddy bear shop to buy mascots for the #walk1000miles challenge before heading to our favourite brewery, Lovibonds, for a  beer. 

Finally it was time for the chocolate tasting to begin! 

After a delicious halloumi burger each in the cafe, our chocolate board was brought out, accompanied by prosecco. 

On a wooden board, we were presented with what can only be described as death by chocolate! 

Warm chocolate sauce, to dip juicy strawberries, sweet banana chunks and marshmallows in. The sauce rich, velvety and delicious. 

The other end of the board was bursting with chocolate goodies. Florentines, tiffin pieces, nutty chocolate blocks. 

Every piece was delicious, but it was a huge amount of chocolate. So much so that some of it came home with us to enjoy another time. The prosecco was fresh and bubbly and it was a very enjoyable experience. 

Feeling very full we walked back to Hambleden, basking in the beautiful light of the golden hour before sunset, bellies full, smiles on our faces. 

We enjoyed our chocolate tasting “C” date, a tasty way to spend the afternoon. 

I also considered the cinema, cream tea, or a concert for this date, what would you do for a “C” date? 

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