Alphabet dating- A is for Alpaca Walk 

For our “A” date we headed to Pennybridge Alpacas near Hook in Hampshire, to walk with an Alpaca.

Alpacas are native to South America, living in domesticated herds in the Andes in Southern Peru, northern Bolivia, Ecuador and Northern Chile. There are a growing number of Alpacas kept in the UK, with the national herd now numbering around 35,000 alpacas. They are bred for their soft fur, which is super fluffy and makes them adorable!

We arrived to find three young alpacas greeting us from their paddock next to the car park, all huge eyes and fluffy heads.

We dipped our feet then walked through a larger herd to join our hosts and the rest of the group waiting to meet the alpacas. 

We heard about alpacas and looked at the soft fibre that comes from their coats. Lively introduction completed, we headed to the paddocks to feed the alpacas and resident goats with hay. 

We then walked round and into the field, where the herd we walked through as we came in had been let out to graze, to feed them. 

The alpacas were entertaining, delicately taking hay from our hands, and munching through it, somewhat haughty expressions on their faces. I loved the variety of colours and coats, thick emo style eyeliner on one, eighties era George Michael style hair on another, shoegazer fringes and fluffy poodle tails. They are fabulous creatures!

Then it was time to take an alpaca for a walk. We went back to the paddocks to find a group harnessed up and ready to go. We chose to take one of the younger alpacas, a gorgeous pure white boy by the name of Thor. 

Walking Thor, his friend BK or Black knight was keen to follow Thor

Thor was lovely to walk, tempted on by Phil walking ahead with a handful of hay, we walked around the fields, his head up and proud. The fur on his neck was delicate and soft, thick and bouncy to the touch. We took turns to lead Thor, encouraging him on. 

Successfully having made our way back to the paddocks, we swapped with another couple to walk one of the larger, older alpacas, a beautiful chestnut creature.

He wasn’t keen on walking until we turned round to head back towards his paddock and then there was quite a burst of speed! Back in the paddock I unharnessed him and left him with more hay.

The alpacas were a joy to be around and it was hard to say goodbye to these lovely animals. We’d definitely recommend an alpaca walk, a lovely way to spend some time together, working together to take them for a walk. 

We had a wonderful “A” date on our alpaca walk.

Other ideas I had for this date were    an art class or visit to an art gallery; archery; airsoft or afternoon tea.

What would you do for an “A” date?


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