Alphabet Dating- D is for Devil’s Highway 

We started our Alphabet Dates with D, which is for Devil’s Highway. What on earth is the devil’s highway?, you may ask. 

It’s a Roman road that ran from Londinium (London) to Pontes (Staines) to Calleva Atrebatum (Silchester). 

More information about the road can be found here:’s_Highway_(Roman_Britain)

The path of the road runs close to where we live so for this date we headed out between Christmas and New Year for a walk that took in a portion of the route. 

It was a cold, bright day. In the hollows where the sun did not reach frost glistened. We started from Wildmoor Heath Nature Reserve, bird song loud in the trees and bushes around us. A zephyr of long tailed tits trilled in the trees, a lone goldcrest exploring crevices in a tree’s bark in search of food. 

Walking out across the heathland gorse splashed cheerful yellow across the winter dulled landscape. 

We walked past the imposing walls of Broadmoor Hospital and through fields, the landscape opening up beside us. 

The winter bare trees revealed the hidden beauty of their shapes and drew the eye to patterns in the bark. 

We passed beside a fishing lake, the blue sky and naked trees reflected in the mirror still water. 

Walking on we reached the Devil’s Highway, running straight and true through the undulating heathland. 

It is amazing to imagine all the feet that trod this route before us, from Roman legionnaires, travellers from the Middle Ages, right up to leisure walkers like ourselves. A landscape link to the distant past. 

Leaving the roman road behind we returned to Wildmoor Heath, the sun begginning to set on this short midwinter day. 

We enjoyed our walking date, a good opportunity to chat, to enjoy fresh air and the beautiful countryside close to home. 

Back in our cosy house, we warmed up with decadent hot chocolate and treated ourselves to a cheeseboard for dinner, a great way to end our date.

When planning this date, I also considered: driving- some kind of driving experience or a visit to a driving range, dancing (quickly rejected, not my husband’s thing at all), dinner out or dinosaurs ( a museum or hunting for dinosaur fossils). 

What would you do for an alphabet date for D? I’d love to know your ideas. 

6 thoughts on “Alphabet Dating- D is for Devil’s Highway 

    1. I love gorse too, brightens up the winter, smells amazing in warm sunshine, and pops in hot weather!
      We’ve already had dates for A and B, blogs to follow in the next few days… This weekend we’re off on our “C” date, a tasty one!

      Love your D ideas!

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  1. cultivatingtime

    I can imagine an imposing atmosphere around Broadmoor Hospital. Looks like an interesting walk. That cheese board looks amazing. That’s my idea of a treat.

    Liked by 1 person

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