Sparkling winter wonderland 

I’m aiming to walk 1000 miles this year, so when today started with a meeting close to home instead of from my usual office 10 or so miles away it seemed the perfect opportunity for a walk. 

The sky was the particular shade of purest azure seen only on a cold winter’s day, the sun beginning to peek over the buildings catching the sugar coating of frost in an explosion of tiny diamonds.

My breath fogged the ahead of me and my feet crunched on the icy ground. In the bare trees a crowd of redwings delighted me. The red of last year’s rose hips splashed colour in the frost. 

Hazel catkins hung pendulous from the bare branches, the tiny female flowers a deep red addition, visible only to the observant.

I arrived at my meeting wide awake, fresh and happy. What a completely fabulous way to start the day! 

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