Sunday Sevens July 10th 2016

It’s been a great week, the sun has been out, we’ve had a new visitor to the garden, and I’ve seen lots of my lovely extended family, so here’s my week summed up:

  1. Monday evening saw me heading to Ash Ranges in Surrey to meet the ranger from Surrey Wildlife Trust and a group of interested people to head off on a nightjar walk. Ash Ranges is an amazing site, used by the MOD for live firing exercises in places, it is open to the public most evenings and is a really extensive area of heathland. A real wild spot. We heard nightjars churring across the heather, a woodcock flew across our path and we spotted 11 glow worms as we headed back in the deepening dusk. IMG_6586
  2. We’ve had a new visitor to the garden this week, a hedgehog. I was so excited to see him! We’ve been putting out food for him (hedgehog food, cat food, digestives and raisins, not bread or milk) and have set the trail cams in the garden to catch his visits.
  3. Our rabbits, Toni, a dwarf lop and Cornelius, a Belgian Hare, are both moulting this week, so there is lots of rabbit fur flying. We’re saving as much as we can to put out for the birds to use for nesting with next spring, those baby birds are going to have super soft nests!

    4. I’ve been taking part in the Wild Arena July Photo challenge, one of this week’s challenges was low key photography, which I’d never tried before, this is one of the images I was pleased with. _DSC0275

    5. The challenge also led me to discover a new (to me) park nearby, the Mill Pond, and I spent a happy hour watching and photographing the birds there one night after work.

    6. On Saturday we had a big family gathering, my parents, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, step cousins, Dad’s cousins, husbands, wives, partners, children, over 40 of us all got together in a local hall to catch up. Really amazing to see so many of my lovely family together at once! And, as usual for our family the food was both tasty and plentiful, visually pleasing too.

    7. My parents and my sister stayed with my husband and I last night and today we headed over to meet my brother and his wife and my gorgeous nine month old niece. She is a charming, happy little thing, with a huge toothy grin. We headed to the Arkle Manor pub for a very tasty Sunday lunch. I’m really happy to have seen so much of my family over one weekend.

    8. A cheeky extra for this week… after leaving my family and heading home from lunch I realised I was passing very close to Leith Hill, the highest point in South East England, after a drizzly start, the sun was coming out, so I stopped and walked up the hill and the the tower for amazing views towards the coast in one direction and to London and beyond in the other, walked off some of that huge meal, relaxed and got some fresh air.

    Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series created by Natalie on the Threads and Bobbins Blog. The idea is to post seven photos of what you’ve got up to that week, a way of recording the smaller moments that don’t necessarily warrant a blog post of their own.

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