#30dayswild day 28-urban wildness 

I can’t believe day 28 of the challenge is already here. This month has gone by so quickly. Today has not felt much like summer, the air is chill and damp and it was grey and dark so early this afternoon that I could hardly believe we are just a few days beyond the summer solstice. 

At lunchtime fortunately it was still dry so I walked to the shop with a colleague for lunch, pointing out the flowering lime trees between the pavement and supermarket car park as we went. We talked of brewing herbal teas, lime flowers can help coughs, colds, fevers and soothe headaches. They’re also an important source of sustenance for bees and many of the flowers were buzzing with them. 

On the way back to work we spotted a dragonfly zooming along the pavement ahead of us, a welcome sight. 

This afternoon the rains came again, I smelt their arrival. A tang on the air through the open window as I worked at my desk. Thoughts of an evening outside diminished. Instead I headed to the library for “wild” reads to see me through these dreary days and for (hopefully) sunnier holidays to come. 

A range of titles from bird spotting to wild swimming, bee poetry, dragonfly hunts, following the migration of swallows and a detailed look at evolutionary changes. They should keep me busy and entertained for a while. 

Finally, a quick spot from yesterday, hoverfly hanky panky in the garden! 

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