#30dayswild Day 24- staying positive with moments of wildness

Waking up this morning to the leave result in the EU Referendum I felt shellshocked, sad, worried. I worry what this will mean for our environment here in the UK, when so much of the legislation protecting it comes from the EU. #30dayswild is a great start, for people to connect more with nature and to hopefully want to protect it. The next step is to get out there and take positive action, whether that’s supporting your local Wildlife Trust or other wildlife and environmental organisations with a donation, getting out and getting your hands dirty as a volunteer or taking part in a citizen science survey to monitor the state of nature.

Nature can also be a great balm, this morning, sitting in the garden with a coffee, looking at the raindrops still balancing on flowers, a hummingbird hawkmoth came down to rest briefly on the flowers (too quickly to photograph I’m afraid). The first smile of the day broke my face.

On the way to work I popped to pick up some treats, from Aldi’s specials of the week, a butterfly roost, a wildlife trail cam and a scope, for wild adventures after the end of 30dayswild.

At home in the evening, the butterfly roost was added to the top of the bug hotel, an extra space for wildlife in the garden. Bees buzzed busily in the evening sunshine.

On the fence, we have pocket planters, currently empty apart from sprouted bird seeds. I’ve scattered wildflower seeds in the pockets, that are bee and butterfly friendly, I want our space to have as much benefit to wildlife as possible.

I bottled up the elderflower cordial that I made earlier in the week, now finished infusing. Wild cocktails were something I wanted to do during the 30dayswild challenge, and now seemed like the perfect opportunity. Elderflower cordial, gin and lemonade were mixed, and sipped in the garden as the sun set, tasty and refreshing. We picked out shapes in the clouds, a deer with antlers ran across the sky.

On Monday I’ll be increasing my donations to my local Wildlife Trust’s, my next volunteering days are in the diary, a letter is started in draft to my MP to let him know how important the environment is to me and that the level of protection must remain the same or increase during and after our exit from the EU. Now, more than ever, the environment, our beautiful countryside, our nature reserves, national parks and wildlife need us to stand for them and work for their protection.


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