#30dayswild Day 22 snatched moments of random wildness 

Today there has not been much time for wildness.

Snatched moments this morning watching a woodpigeon on the feeders.

Admiring the wildflowers on the verges as I drove from meeting to meeting.

On the motorway this evening in slow traffic out the corner of my eye I glimpsed a buzzard alongside the road keeping up with the traffic in an effortless glide before wheeling away.

Waiting for the tube further into London Town I spotted wildflowers making their home beside the platform, nature on the edge in the urban wilderness.

And after an Offspring gig in a hot sweaty venue, smile splitting my face, singing my heart out, the welcome relief of raindrops, huge, warm and wet dropping onto my hot skin. Dancing in a downpour, swept with the crowd, on my way home.

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