#30dayswild day 18 my wild morning routine and moments of wildness in a working day

I posted the following on the #30dayswild facebook group on Saturday morning, day 18 of the #30dayswild challenge:

“I’m off to work in a few minutes, but thought I’d share my “wild” morning routine with you first.

We have pet guinea pigs and rabbits, so first thing each morning they get fed, some in the house, some in the garden. The bird table and bird bath are topped up fro our avian friends, and a cup of coffee is brewed for the humans. I check the garden to see how everything is coming along and then sit back, sip my coffee and watch the birds or bees. Then I head off to work, a little bit of wild having started my day on the right foot.”

I’ve really come to appreciate those few minutes in the morning to watch the birds, smell the fresh morning area and see the changes in the garden from the day before. This is something I’ve built into my routine, and is the chance for a little wild time every day, watching the wildlife from my window. I spent my twenties living in shared houses in London, with no garden or green space to call my own, then in a small flat, until we moved here four years ago and there is not a day goes by when I do not appreciate out little garden, and the pleasure it brings.

Work today was spent at a local summer fair in Cookham, promoting food waste recycling to local residents. I was outside all day, and fortunately the rain held off. The fair held a couple of wild attractions, which I took a break to go and see. First, there was a stall by Heathrow Owl Rescue, who rescue owls that can no longer be looked after or are not being looked after properly, from tiny cages and aviaries, to give the owls a better life. They currently have 36 young barn owls in the rescue that people have bought from unscrupulous breeders and then realised that are not able to look after. There is no requirement to have a license to own birds of prey, so many people have them in completely inappropriate homes, which is a tragedy for the poor birds. These young barn owls will hopefully be released back into the wild. The rescue also has 70 permanent residents, including the birds they had there today. I met the beautiful Daisy, a European eagle owl. She was just stunning with glowing amber eyes.

The other wild stall was ferret racing from STA Ferret Rescue based in Reading. These are beautiful animals and it was lovely to meet them up close and see them race. They have a series of tunnels and obstacles to go through and most of the races seemed to consist of one ferret racing up to the end and back quite quickly while the others stopped and explored the obstacles on the way. They really are the most endearing little creatures.

In the hedge behind our stand birds chirruped and tweeted and in the air above raucous calls alerted me to four ring necked parakeets mobbing a buzzard flying over. I’ve not seen this happening before, and it was interesting to watch as the buzzard was driven away.

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