#30dayswild Day 15 writing wild poetry and drawing the birds that visit the garden

I can’t believe it’s already halfway through the #30dayswild challenge. I am enjoying the opportunity to develop a deeper connection with nature and make it a real focus. I’m also absolutely loving reading other blogs, checking out the facebook group and #30dayswild on twitter. It’s really inspiring to feel part of a much wider community of like minded people and see what they are up to. There’s also so many pictures of wonderful wildlife. It’s fabulous!

Before the challenge started I had some events booked in, some have happened and more are still to come. I also had an idea of some random acts of wildness that I wanted to do as part of the challenge. They went in the front of my 30dayswild scrapbook, which is a bit of a work in progress at the moment. I’ve been colouring them in as I’ve done each one, you can see my progress below:15 days


I spend quite a lot of time watching the birds in our garden. I love having my own wild stories happening just outside the back windows. Today’s wild act has been inspired by our avian friends, and by the lovely books of Matt Sewell with their fantastic birdy pictures.IMG_6091

Here are my pictures of some of our regular visitors.FullSizeRender (7)FullSizeRender (3)

I’ve also written a poem, prompted by our recent influx of starlings. It’s my first time putting creative pen to paper since I was a teenager, but I enjoyed thinking about how to describe our visitors, hope you like it!


 A jabber, a clatter,

Prattle, palaver,

A chattering of starlings,

Emerge from the sky.


On the chimneys

The rooftops

They chatter, they gather,


One pioneer, a crowd,

A crush

A garden teeming

Irridescence flashing

Starlings screaming


Bird table battlefield

Quarrels, quibbles,

Hassle, bickering,

Gobbling, munching,

Beaks sorting.


A signal, a calling,

A squadron assembling,

In formation ascending,

Off through the skies.


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