#30dayswild Day 14 identifying the wild flowers in the lawn

One of the challenges for 30 days wild was to identify a wildflower, as we’ve been letting the front lawn grow wild there was more than one to find a name for. 

So, I spent a little while giving the neighbours something to talk about crawling round on the front lawn, in the drizzle, checking what was there. 12 or 13 different species are growing amongst the grass. 

Back inside and wildflower books out I set to identifying. 

I collect old plant guides and other natural history books and hoped that they’d contain the plants I’d found. 

I’ve managed to identify 7 of the species, others are not yet flowering so are more difficult, but I hope that as they flower it will become easier. One is in flower but more detective work is needed. 

Here’s the flowers I managed to name, sketched into my 30dayswild scrapbook. 

There’s space left for the others, when I work out what they are. 

I enjoyed this challenge, concentrating hard on what the identification might be, sketching the details, was very relaxing, almost meditative. 

What wildflowers do you have in your garden or street? I know there are lots more in the back garden, but that’s a challenge for another day! 

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