#30dayswild day 8, a macro look at the garden

Late last night we had the most amazing thunder and lightning. I could see individual forks of lightning across the sky, thunder rumbled all around, but no rain here. That came today, with heavy showers all afternoon. I arrived home in the rain but within 5 minutes the sun was out and the garden was hot. Today a new toy arrived, a macro lens for my mobile phone. It was cheap, only around £13, but I’m really pleased with it.

It really made me look in more detail at the plants in the garden, do here you go, a bug’s eye view of our garden flowers- enjoy! 

First up, scabious, interesting to see the individual petals. 

Then, nepeta, or catmint, we have masses of this in the garden 

These are astrantia, they look almost like something from outer space! 

This is the small, delicate flower of a saxifrage, an alpine we have growing in a giant teacup

These are sweet William, I particularly love the white centre, it almost forms a heart 

And finally, a selection of other plants

I really enjoyed the concentrating on the tiny details of the plants and looking at them in a different way, nature is a truly wonderful thing. 

I also rook time today to read a wild book- I started Fingers in the Sparkle Jar by the wonderful Chris Packham. Beautifully written, I’m enjoying it so far. 

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