#30dayswild Day 7 sunshine and showers at Braywick Park

It’s been a busy day, all day at work, then an evening training session. On the way to the evening session I took half an hour in my journey for some “wild” time. 
In The Dell, I stood in the sunshine  scanning the reeds and ponds. It was warm and buzzing with life. 

Bird song sounded all around me. In amongst the reeds in front of me a small bird darted around, collecting insects low down next to the water, well hidden, then quickly flying off before returning quickly to search for more food. I think it was some form of bunting, but I need to check the ID. Can you see it hidden in the reeds? (Sorry for the quality, I only had my phone with me!)

As I stood there gentle rain began to fall. It was cool on my skin and brought the smell of the park to life, earthy and fresh. It was odd, standing there with the sun on my back and the rain falling, but refreshing after a hot day. Hope you can see the raindrops catching the sun in this picture. 

I walked around the edge of the playing fields and up into the grasslands. A wide expanse, abuzz with bird song and insects, and all mine, no one else to be seen. 

The heat rose, the sun drying the damp from the brief shower from the stems. Walking down towards The Cut, water droplets still glistened, raindrops on roses. 

I walked back along The Cut, a gently flowing stream. In amongst the long green plants waving in the water fish dashed and darted. Swans dropped their heads in the water, fishing for dinner. 

Having the chance for a little walk before more time indoors in the evening was a refreshing break. 

At home, I enjoyed dinner in the garden watching the sunset. That’s the first week of #30dayswild finished, looking forward to more fun outside over the rest of the month. 

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