#30dayswild day 6-breakfast, lunch and meditating in the wild

I started the day ticking off one of the “random acts of wildness” from the checklist which came with the 30dayswild, “sip in the wild”. We had breakfast in the garden, watching bees buzz round, starlings flash mob the feeders and then the more sedate arrival of a woodpigeon. The air was fresh under bright blue skies, great to start the day with a little time outside before heading off to work.

It was such a beautiful day that I couldn’t resist heading outside at lunchtime to enjoy it. I made my way to a park by the river. Part of the park is a local nature reserve and a meadow area is left to grow. It waved in the wind with flashes of colour among the grasses, little pops of brightness provided by flowers. A holly blue and a brimstone butterfly fluttered by.

On stems of grass and leaves damselflies rested, common blue damselflies, the females a pale grey colour, and the more jewel like banded demoiselles, males a startling, glistening blue and females a golden green.

By the river I sat and ate my lunch. A heron wheeled overhead then came down on a tree branch. A line of Canada geese cruised by, an avian game of follow my leader in progress, dead straight line through the water.IMG_5809

I’d taken a challenge from the #30dayswild app today, “mediate in the wild” popped up. Lunch finished I settled myself to meditate for 5 minutes. Eyes closed I felt the sun on my face, the breeze as a boat went by, the sound of bird song, a splash as a pair of mallards landed on the water (I had to peek to see what that one was!). I felt myself relax and tune in to sounds I hadn’t been aware of with my eyes open- a chance to really listen to what was going on around me. As I opened my eyes I saw a flash of blue across the river. A kingfisher! He perched on a branch, sat poised for a few moments, then darted down to the water and came up with something small and silver, a fish I presume, in his beak, which was soon swallowed. He dove once more, again coming up with a small fish. Perching again on the branch, dazzling blue in the sunshine, he then flew to a branch further up the inlet. My signal to pack up and head back to the office, revitalised for an afternoon of work.IMG_5816

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