Day 4 of #30dayswild

A day late in blogging about the fourth day of #30dayswild 2016. I’ve had my lovely Mum, Dad and sister down to visit for the weekend, so there wasn’t time yesterday for blogging. There was, however, plenty of time to be wild.

I took my family to a local park, South Hill Park in Bracknell, for a walk. The park has a house with a lawn in front, where there was a small food festival happening, with lots of people relaxing. Away from there, the park was quiet. We spotted a grey heron on the lake, and as we walked around we watched the water fowl. There were Egyptian geese, which my family had not seen before. We were most excited to see ducklings, goslings, cootlings and moorchicks (I’ve made the last two up, if anyone knows that young coots and moorhens are actually called, I’d love to know!) _DSC0385

A mother mallard was sitting on the edge of the lake with most of her ducklings carefully tucked under her. There was one brave little duckling who had escaped and was whizzing up and down the lake at high speed. We were worried about it with the heron around, but the heron seemed more interested in something in the reeds, which was a relief. _DSC0398

We walked up through the woods, admiring rhododendron in bloom and huge giant redwoods. They were amazing trees, too wide at the base for us to reach around between the four of us.

On the other side of the park, we found two swans with their cygnet on the grass next to the lake. The cygnet was beautiful, pale grey, downy and gorgeous._DSC0427_DSC0425_DSC0424_DSC0423 As we walked on I challenged my Mum for us to look for all of the colours of the rainbow in the plants we could see around us. It really made us look carefully at what we could see, but we soon found all the colours. I’ll put together the pictures of our rainbow challenge and include them in a blog later in the week.

In the reedbed we saw three young moorhens, fluffy and slightly ungainly. It was great to see so many young waterbirds around.

I really enjoyed taking my family out to one of our slightly wild places nearby, and I hope they enjoyed it too!

In the evening, after dinner, I challenged my family to a wild quiz or two. I found some quizzes on the Nature’s Calendar website, the best fact we learnt from this was that greater noctule bats hunt migrating birds. In fact when bat droppings have been analysed during the migration season for passerines, 70% of the droppings were made up of the remains of these birds. We also tried out the quiz on Memetic Drifting‘s blog, which we enjoyed. Testing out our knowledge and learning some new facts was a good way to end the day.


One thought on “Day 4 of #30dayswild

  1. Beautiful pictures of all the babies.Moorchicks and cootlings do sound like the perfect names for little ones.I love the picture of the Mallard and her brood.Glad the escapee didn’t get eaten by the heron.

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