#30dayswild Day 3

Today has been more a day of preparation for more random acts of wildness rather than a very wild day. My family are visiting over the weekend and I intend to share some wild times with them. I’ve planned a wild quiz and hopefully the weather will improve so we can spend the days outside.

It’s been cold here today, it does not feel like June at all, but the flowers blooming along the roadsides, the buttercups, oxeye daisies, wild roses and waving cow parsley reminded me this morning that summer was nearly here. No pictures I’m afraid, only in my memory.

The garden too is in bloom and hopefully with sunshine this weekend it should be buzzing with bees. I’ve bought some snapdragons today to add to the borders and spaces in the pots, and I have a pack of bee friendly plants to add to the garden too.

Today’s little mini random acts of wildness was to check out our compost bin. It’s teeming with life, heling to break down our garden waste and vegetable peelings. As soon as you open the lid, most things scurry or wiggle away, beetles, worms and centipedes fleeing from the light. On the lid though I was able to observe snails and a leopard slug. I love their little eyes on stalks, friendly looking little creatures and excellent at breaking down our rubbish to add nutrients to the garden.

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