Why do #30dayswild?

All our lives are better when they’re a bit wild! I loved doing the #30dayswild challenge last year and it really brought home to me how true this statement is.

Making time to spend outdoors, watch a wild webcam, learn new things about wild creatures, make improvements in the garden or local area to encourage more life to visit, all of these things have great value to me. Every small action, every random act of wildness, helps to make you feel more connected to the world around you, more in tune with the small changes that happen every day.

Day to day, week to week, new leaves unfurling, blossom covering the trees in splendour then fading into ripening fruit, flowers shooting up and opening wide, new species coming to visit as the year progresses and the days lengthen.

Truly, as the great Shakespeare said, “the earth has music for those who listen”, from raindrops pattering on rooftops and paving, to the wind rustling leaves and whistling through the trees, birdsong, bees buzzing, the flutter of wings , water burbling in brooks, waves crashing on the shore, spending time in nature is a feast for the senses. One of the things I most appreciate is spending a little time in the garden as the day draws to a close, watching the sunset and taking in the evening scents, honeysuckle, damp grass, lavender, rosemary all lingering in the air, as I fill up the bird feeders and tuck in the guinea pigs for the night.

Taking time to appreciate the world around me makes me feel more relaxed, less stressed, more energised, more focussed. Watching birds visit our garden, or red kites swooping through the air above me from my office window delight and enchant me.

The 30dayswild challenge is a great opportunity to deepen this connection, to find new hidden places to visit, and to notice the wild all around us.

Go on, join in, you might surprise yourself with what you find on your doorstep and how much you will enjoy it!

Sign up for the challenge now http://www.mywildlife.org.uk/30dayswild



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