30 days wild 2016 Day 1

30DAYSWILD_ID2 tealTWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_01

June started off cold, wet and blustery. I started my 30dayswild challenge before I even got out of bed this morning. I started my day watching wild webcams, from Springwatch at Minsemere in Suffolk and the Dyfi Osprey Project in Wales. Suffolk was also grey and windy, the poor birds harried by the wind as they sat on their nests. In Wales Glesni sat in sunshine, an osprey chick poking out in front of her. The stone curlew, avocet and sparrowhawk all sat tight on their nests in Suffolk. A great way to start the day and get a view of these birds that would be nigh on impossible to see any other way.

As I sat in the kitchen coffee in hand, we watched a blue tit bring three young chicks to the garden for food, before they were startled away by woodpigeons. We’ve been recording all the birds visiting the garden since January, so these were straight into our record book. _DSC0266 (2)

Not the best picture- spot the baby blue tit!

I checked the 30dayswild app for a suggested act of wildness for today- “take in a new perspective”, it suggested- “stop looking down at your phone: look at the birds high above”. Challenge on!

I work in a council depot, in an urban area, between an industrial estate and blocks of flats. I’m lucky though, most days, on looking out of the window next to my desk, there are red kites in view. I love these beautiful birds. Today, with the wind swirling and gusting, they really put on a show, diving and swooping, two nearly locking talons at one point before circling round each other in a graceful aerial ballet. No chance for a picture, I was, after all, working and this was just a captured glimpse as I glanced away from my computer screen, but a truly wild moment in my day.


One thought on “30 days wild 2016 Day 1

  1. Phil Markham

    I am very lucky to be married to such an articulate, caring person who shares my love and respect of nature and our wonderful local wildlife.


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