30 days wild 2016


Last year I took part in 30 days wild during June and I’ll be doing the same this year. This is a campaign run by the Wildlife Trusts to encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the “wild”. They have 101 ideas for random acts of wildness on their website, to inspire and even an app to generate a random act of kindness for you each day. I loved doing 30 days wild in 2015, and have carried on through the year with more wild acts, from glamping on a nature reserve at Elmley in Sheppey, volunteering with the Wildlife Trust and National Trust, supporting wildlife charities, continuing to make our garden more wildlife friendly and just recently, watching great tits nest and raise chicks in our bird box and the chicks fledge. I find that making space for the wild in my life helps to keep me grounded, more relaxed and happier. So, go on, make this June a wild month!

This June, I have already booked the following activities:

-A Nordic Crafts Weekend in Kent with Kaos Blacksmiths and Raven Bushcraft. We’ll be wild camping in the woods for the weekend and making a Viking knife and carving a spoon from green wood.

-A nightjar walk on Wildmoor Heath with our local Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust and another on Ash Ranges with Surrey Wildife Trust

-Volunteering with the National Trust on Box Hill in Surrey with my regular volunteer group London and West Middlesex National Trust Volunteers. When we volunteered there earlier this year repairing steps above the zig zag road, we came across a sleepy slow worm behind one of the steps we were replacing, so I’m hoping for some more wildlife spotting this time.

-A fire and knife skills course, with Pure Bushcraft, in a remote woodland in the Surrey Hills. We’ll be learning primitive fire lighting techniques while spending time in a wild place.

-A “Mammals of Surrey” one day course to learn about the habitats, status, tracks and signs of Surrey’s mammals followed by a private tour of the British Wildlife Centre to see the animals up close. I’m really looking forward to this one!

I also have these ideas for things I want to do during the month:

-Add to the pollinator friendly border in our garden that we developed last June. There are 30 bee friendly plug plants winging their way to me in the post, which will be added to fill gaps. I’m also adding a tub of wildflowers from the Grow Wild campaign.

-An evening of bat detecting in my local area.

-Taking part in the Bee Count. The App is downloaded on to my phone and ready to be used.

-A wild lunch by the river watching the world go by.

-Exploring a new local nature reserve, I’ve spotted a couple on maps that are close to home but that we have not visited before.

-An evening watching badgers at the sett looked after by my local badger group.

-Drinking wild cocktails in the garden

-do some guerrilla gardening to add pollinator friendly plants to an unloved spot

-watch the sun go down

-celebrate the summer solstice

-read a wild book…or two. I have “Dragonflight: In search of Britain’s dragonflies and damselflies” by Marianne Taylor lined up and I can’t wait to get stuck into Chris Packham’s autobiography “Fingers in the sparkle jar”

-make a needle felted bird

-Race to find a rainbow in nature- my family are visiting on the first weekend in June so I’m going to set this as a challenge

-Forage for wild food. Last year I made elderflower cordial and this year I want to do that again and try out gorse cordial too. I’m also inspired by the recipes for garlic mustard on the wildaboutlife blog.

-Inspired by David on wildnatureblog’s idea to visit 30 different habitats during 30 days wild, I am also going to explore as many different habitats as possible during June.

I’m aiming to do a random act of wildness every day during June. I have a couple of days during the month where this could be challenging. On June 23rd I will be a poll clerk for the EU Referendum, and will be stuck inside the poll station from just after 6am until when the polling finishes and we clear the station at just after 10pm. There is a graveyard next to the polling station and I’m aiming to get there early to get a little burst of early morning wildness before the day starts. I’m also working full time and on some evenings have indoor event plans, but I’ll try to make the most of my lunch times, when I manage to take one, and any down time to fit in some random acts of wildness.

I’d love to hear your ideas for #30dayswild and any other suggestions for what I could do.

2 thoughts on “30 days wild 2016

  1. Wow, fantastic! I love how organised you are. I can’t wait for my daughters (very late) Half Term to start when we can get out further a field and attend some events. Happy wild times to you xx


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