The badger cull – an egregiously dishonest and disgraceful action

I have been struggling to put into words how I have felt since yesterday when I heard that not only was the badger cull continuing but actually extending into a new area (Dorset). A victory for sheer bloody minded idiocy against rational scientific fact, a waste of money, a wildlife crime and a sop to desperate farmers who deserve more from the people who represent them. This blog sums it up more eloquently than I can at this point.

Why watch wildlife?

I try really hard to not get political on this blog. I have my occassional rant, but I try to be fairly politically neutral even then. So if you don’t want to see that trend spoiled, look away now…

Still here? Okay…

Back in May I was more than willing to give Liz Truss a chance. Her predecessor, Owen Patterson, had been an absolute disaster as Environment Secretary and it could at least be hoped that she would bring in a new era. An era where decisions within a department were made based on facts and evidence, not the whims of financial supporters. Sadly, such hopes have been burned away.

Today it was announced that the controversial badger cull will be extended into Dorset. This is an egregiously dishonest decision. A couple of years ago we could, if we were feeling charitable, at least say the government were testing…

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