30 days wild day 21- small moments of wildness

30DAYSWILD_ID3 black TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_21After the excitement of yesterday, today has been a quiet one. I set my alarm early in the hope of watching the solstice sunrise, but greeted by a sky full of cloud, went back to bed.

The pollinator border we have been planting in the garden has been taking quite a lot of water at the moment, and as it has been dry recently, with no proper rain for weeks, our water butt had run dry and we’ve has to resort to tap water to fill the watering can. Yesterday’s storm not only gave me the chance to dance in a downpour, it also filled the water butt to the rim. Which gave us an idea, if one water butt is good, then surely, two water butts are better? So, off to the garden centre we went and in no time at all had a second water butt in place and connected to the first. I’m hoping for some more rain now!

Second water butt in place
Second water butt in place
Full water butt.
Full water butt.

Spending time in the garden today, I also noticed a really beautiful beetle. Looking this up, it turned out to be a Rosemary beetle, labelled everywhere as a garden pest. I haven’t noticed any damage on our rosemary or lavender, but as they provide food for the bees, I didn’t want to see them decimated, so removed all the beetles by hand and popped them in the compost bin. I didn’t have the heart to squish them.

Beautiful Rosemary beetle
Beautiful Rosemary beetle

Today I also did some wild art, making a needle felted hedgehog. I love needle felting, I find it very relaxing. Here’s my newest creation:

Needle felted hedgehog
Needle felted hedgehog

3 thoughts on “30 days wild day 21- small moments of wildness

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    1. It was really disappointing, but there’ll be other sunrises. The beetle is gorgeous, just a shame that they’re destructive, otherwise I’d love to see them in the garden all the time.


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