30 days wild day 13- birds of prey and borage

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I had a busy day today, as the Lions group that I am part of was organising the Bracknell Show, a community event in Bracknell. It’s the first year of reviving the show, but it was a wonderful day. Part of the fun at the show was a Bird Of Prey Display. It was fantastic to see a Barn Owl up close and flying, as well as one of our other native birds, a Golden Eagle (albeit one which was technically a Golden x Steppe Eagle) as well as other falcons flying.

Barn owl in flight
Barn owl in flight

_DSC2115_DSC2138_DSC2178_DSC2211Above the field the seagulls swooped and soared, mobbing some of the birds that were being flown. A red kite flew overhead and together with a falcon, provided a synchronised flying display, both enjoying the thermals over the neighbouring houses. It was wonderful to watch and a great injection of “wild” into my day.

I also had chance to chat to people from the Bracknell Natural History Society, who had a stall and pick up a schedule of their upcoming talks for the next year. It’s up on my notice board now, and I hope to attend some. I also bought more pollinator friendly plants from the local horticultural society stall- more aquilegia, hollyhocks and cornflowers to add to the garden.

While manning the car park I watched bees buzzing and collecting pollen in the pretty yellow bird’s foot trefoil. The car parking was quiet so I spent most of a happy hour watching the bees, contemplating the clouds and day dreaming. Not a bad way to “volunteer” for an hour. I’m pleased to say the show went well, a great community event, and a good fundraising opportunity too, which raised nearly £2000 for our Lions club and lots for other local causes too, who had their own fundraising stalls.

New plants for the garden
New plants for the garden

I arrived home to find that Phil had been having his own “wild” time and had managed to procure borage, as well as other bee friendly herbs (thyme and chives) from the local garden centre, had extended the flower bed to accommodate them and had bees already visiting.

Plant borage for bees
Plant borage for bees

We relaxed in the garden with a glass of something fizzy and enjoyed our little garden, in the sunny evening light.

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