30dayswild day 11- life on the edge in suburbia and a surprising visitor

30DAYSWILD_ID3 black TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_11Today I challenged myself to notice the plants making their home in my urban walk to the shops at lunchtime. I work in a council depot, and out of the window I can see a pile of sand, used for filling sandbags in case of flooding. At the moment it is alive with poppies and other wildflowers. A welcome life in the tarmac yard.

An urban beach in the council depot
An urban beach in the council depot

IMG_2378 (2) IMG_2376 (2)

On the way to the shops, elderflowers were in bloom, pyracantha blossom burst from the hedge, new leaves burst from the ivy, glossy and green. IMG_2380 (2)IMG_2381 (2)IMG_2382 (2)In amongst the municipal looking hedges around the supermarket car park, little pink flowers bloomed. IMG_2383 (2)Bindweed grew in, through and over the hedge, flower buds almost ready to burst. IMG_2387 (2)Lime trees in flower swayed in the wind. IMG_2385 (2)The bright blue flowers of the ceanothus swarmed with insects, and looked wonderful against the blue of the summer sky. IMG_2388 (2)Gardens burst with flowers, and arriving back at the office I felt much more relaxed and in tune with my surroundings, than had I wandered to the shops without taking in my surroundings, or spent lunchtime stuck at my desk.

Meanwhile, at home, my husband was having a much more exciting time. Today a hummingbird hawk moth visited our garden, supping at the nectar on offer in some of our flowers. Phil, working from home today, was lucky enough to be outside to spot them. I’m really excited that we’ve attracted something new to the garden, and are providing a nectar source for such an amazing creature, whilst also being envious that I wasn’t at home too, to witness the visit. I’m hoping they’ll come back to the garden, so that we can both see them (and hopefully get an in focus photograph to share!)

Our exciting visitor- too quick to capture with a mobile phone
Our exciting visitor- too quick to capture with a mobile phone

It’s been hot, hot, hot today, the perfect weather for an evening in the garden, barbequing and eating the first home grown strawberries of the year._DSC2039_DSC2041

After watching the last Springwatch for this year, which I’m genuinely sad about, and Spinless Si the sticklebacks fry starting to emerge, we headed back out into the garden to top up the bird feeders for any early morning visitors and to marvel at the beautiful sunset. Simply stunning!_DSC2044

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