30 days wild- a look back at Week One

7 days down, 23 more to go. I’ve loved taking part in the 30 days wild challenge over the last week, really making the most of the Wildlife Trust’s encouragement to make room for nature and fit Random Acts of Wildness into my life.

The Wildlife Trust’s define Random Acts of Wildness as “any thing you can do in an average working day to bring a little nature into your life. They can take a few seconds, a few minutes, or if you lose yourself completely, a few hours!”

In the first week of the challenge, I’ve done the following:

Day One: had a barefoot breakfast in the garden and enjoyed a windy walk through the woods at The Vyne

Bees foraging on borage
Bees foraging on borage

Day Two: I added more places for wildlife to my garden_DSC1673_DSC1678

Day Three: I had a wild lunch photographing the rainbow at Sutherland Grange, then read a wild book at Pope’s Meadow after work.

Day Four: I built a bee waterer in the garden

My bee waterer
My bee waterer

Day Five: watched day fade into night in an iron age hill fort while listening to nightjars and bats

Beautiful clouds over Caesar's camp
Beautiful clouds over Caesar’s camp

Day Six: drank wild cocktails and looked at our garden from a new perspective

Our wildflower patch around the pond
Our wildflower patch around the pond

Day Seven: spent the day at WWT Arundel, seeing water voles for the first time and enjoying the baby birds._DSC1883

I also committed one extra Random Act of Wildness, putting my money where my mouth is, and joining some extra conservation bodies to look after the small things that run the planet.

The membership pack from Buglife.
The membership pack from Buglife.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the challenge, and have already got lots of ideas in mind to make sure it’s a really wild June, including wild camping on the Summer solstice, a summer evening paddle in a canoe on a local lake and much more.

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