Beautiful gardens at Grey’s Court

This Sunday we visited Grey’s Court, a Tudor house owned by the National Trust, just outside Henley in Oxfordshire. The house is lovely and is a very liveable size, with a busy kitchen that I could really imagine myself spending time in, cooking and chatting. However, the gardens are the real star of the show here. The gardens are managed organically with lots of companion planting, and even a pollen and nectar bar for the butterflies and bees.

IMG_2297 (2)The gardens are split into lots of little sections, like a series of rooms, that you make your way through, with a maze on the outside of the gardens close to the parkland. We enjoyed exploring the maze and reading the quotes around the sundial in the centre.

IMG_2262 (2) IMG_2264 (2)In the centre of the gardens there is an amazing old Wisteria, taking over the whole courtyard, that you can walk under and through, looking at the twisted trunks and the purple flowers dangling down.

IMG_2272 (2) IMG_2273 (2) IMG_2270 (2)There is also a beautiful tunnel of clematis, which was in full flower, with candy striped pinks and deep dark purples. IMG_2228 (2)

IMG_2232 (2) IMG_2231 (2)IMG_2230 (2)IMG_2229 (2)The borders were full of flowers, with bees foraging and colours popping. 

IMG_2296 (2) IMG_2290 (2) IMG_2288 (2) IMG_2286 (2)IMG_2225 (2)

One of my favourite features of the garden were the displays of flowers on ladders and in a specially constructed wall frame, they looked fantastic!

IMG_2254 (2) IMG_2249 (2)

There were also lots of depictions of birds and beasts around the garden, which has prompted me to add this to my ideas for my #30dayswild challenge this June- how many animals and birds can I spot on buildings and in carvings for ornament during these 30 days?

IMG_2214 (2)IMG_2276 (2)IMG_2277 (2)

2 thoughts on “Beautiful gardens at Grey’s Court

  1. Looks like a great NT place to visit, I think I will add this to the list of ones I want to go to, as it is not too far from where I am to visit if I have a day free 😀 lovely post and photos.


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