Hello world!

My blog is intended as a record of the fun I have exploring and new activities in areas close to home and further away. I love to be outside, exploring the countryside, away from the crowds. I also like to try new things and challenge myself to give things a go that scare me, and take me out of my comfort zone. I work full time but I like to make the most of the time when I am not working, my evenings, weekends and precious annual leave.

This might look like a long walk at the weekend, a picnic on the common after work, some time away camping or spending time somewhere quirky like a teepee, Romany caravan, Showman’s wagon or beautiful cottage. It could also mean taking our Defender somewhere with green lanes for us to explore, or heading out somewhere to wild camp. I like to try new things, so my free time also includes crafting and learning new skills. In the last year I have been on a couple of workshops to learn to bake bread and I want to try these skills out more at home.

I am a volunteer for the National Trust and spend time in places around the country doing conservation work, and other tasks that help the Trust to care for the places they look after for the nation. Weekends away volunteering will feature on this blog.

I would love to try glass blowing, pottery and metal working, hopefully in the next year or so, I’ll manage to find a way to do this and can share the experience. I love wildlife and animals, and want to spend time watching wildlife while out and about exploring the countryside. I’m hoping to share my experiences on here, I hope you enjoy it.

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